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IVF Czech Republic – first class care and results

Prague is a favorite destination for IVF abroad. Czech IVF clinics are renowned worldwide for high success rate, top medical care and affordable prices.

Here are 3 reasons why my husband and I decided that IVF in Prague was the best option for us:

1. The cost of IVF in Czech Republic is more affordable that in the US. Given patient demand for reproductive technologies and high profit margins, there’s little incentive for US clinics to reduce their prices. Meanwhile, the Czechia reproductive medical industry is lucrative, but clinics are more competitive, which results in a lower price structure.

2. European clinics are far more advanced in the field of reproductive technology. Success rates achieved by fertility clinics in Czech Republic average 63% per IVF cycle verses 52% per IVF cycle in the United States.

3. Czech Republic is an amazing country, so we decided to combine our treatment with visiting Prague to create a memorable “IVF Vacation.”

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