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Our Story

Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m married to Christian. Never in our lives would we think we’d be heading to Prague on the grand adventure to make a baby.

In April 2018 I married Christian, the love of my life, and we had the biggest dreams of having a family. We began trying for a baby right away, and we were successful within a few months. Unfortunately the pregnancy ended in a traumatic miscarriage requiring emergency surgery with complications. We were referred to a fertility specialist and a reproductive endocrinologist who suggested we try IUI before taking the plunge to IVF. The IUI procedure is a less invasive/less expensive option but it only yields a 10-15% success rate in our case. After several failed IUI’s we knew it was time to research our IVF options. Our medical team was confident we would find success though in-vitro fertilization. We stumbled upon the option of IVF abroad and the more we researched the possibility, the more advantageous the opportunity seemed for us. Traveling to Prague to have our future children would be an adventure of a lifetime for Christian and I, we would be saving money, and our level of care would be far superior to our clinic in the states.

I can sum up IVF in three overused words: blood, sweat and tears. You truly don’t know how resilient and how determined you are until you experience this process.

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  1. Such an emotional journey to travel! It can exhaust you mentally, physically, and spiritually, but you are not alone. Stay strong, have faith, and make your marriage the priority.

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