Ice, Ice, Bab(ies)

While snuggling my sweet coonhounds, Ginger and Jethro, this morning (I missed them so much while we were on our European IVFvacation!) our embryologist called and informed us that we have 6 blastocysts that made it to freeze. Blastocysts are highly developed human embryos where the cells have divided over 100 times. These embryos have been growing and developing for over 5 days and are at the ideal stage for freezing for a FET cycle transfer (frozen embryo transfer.) They are more likely to result in a viable pregnancy than any other stage of embryo.

We choose to freeze 3 straws with 2 embryos each since my husband and I have decided to do double-embryo transfers. This decision did not come lightly. Most doctors suggest transferring only one embryo at at time. This minimizes the risk of twins, which could result in a higher risk pregnancy. With the advice of Dr. Jan, we decided that since we understood the risks and were traveling halfway across the world for IVF, we wanted to give ourselves the highest possible chance of pregnancy so we will be transferring 2 embryos at once.

I’ll be traveling back to Prague in a few weeks for a double embryo transfer. In a few weeks, I will have two of our highest quality, most perfect little embryos inside me. We are thrilled to have so many healthy, high quality embryos and so excited for the next step in the IVF process.

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