Second Ultrasound- 8 Weeks Pregnant

My husband and I got to hear our baby’s heartbeat at the ultrasound appointment today. Baby Berardi has a heartbeat of 180bpm and is looking healthy and strong. Christian and I are thankful to be able to raise our child with renewed strength and unconditional love. The process of IVF was extremely difficult but I am thankful everyday for science and medicine for making this pregnancy possible.

My husband and I decided to be open and honest about our experience with IVF Abroad / Medical Tourism because we not only knew we needed support from our friends and family, but we also wanted to be open about a subject that is traditionally off-limits to talk about, and possibly help others that are struggling.

Our family, close friends and employers already know that we are expecting our first child in December. But I also want to announce on social media so that the people I interact with online know of our happy news. Below is the photo I’m using to announce our first pregnancy. I understand that this image may be shocking to some, I felt it is significant to focus on the IVF process that lead us here and to focus on what I put my body though. All those painful injections lead to something so beautiful and amazing. An actual life growing inside me. I am amazed by my strength and the strength of other women who make it though this process. True Warriors!

Baby Berardi, may you always know that you were wished for, prayed for and longed for. We traveled across the world for you and loved you long before we met you.

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