IVF Success: 5 Weeks Pregnant

The result of my BETA test (a blood test to detect HCG levels, which is the pregnancy hormone) came back and it turns out, I AM VERY PREGNANT.

My doctor said “You seem surprised that it worked” and honestly, I am. We were hopeful, yet realistic because IVF doesn’t always work. I contracted a critical upper respiratory infection lasting nearly two weeks and was nervous that my illness negatively affected by embryos. I am both relieved and ECSTATIC to confirm our pregnancy.

I am BEYOND thankful for science and modern medicine. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m scared. Scared we’ll go in for the ultrasound in a few weeks and not find a heartbeat. But I’ve learned that living in fear will paralyze you. We choose to CELEBRATE this milestone. We choose to share our happiness with friends and family. We choose to forgo the archaic, misogynistic social norm of waiting until the second trimester to talk about the baby.

Can’t we, as women, have control over our bodies and make our own decisions?! One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage and it’s a huge problem that society pressures women to keep their pregnancies secretive and their miscarriages hidden away.

Today, my husband and I will reflect on our IVF journey, and how the experience brought us closer together and molded us into stronger parents.

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