Flight delays and Czech hospitals

We arrived safely in Prague on Friday, but due to some airport complications and delays, I missed my final ultrasound appointment with Dr. Jan at our private clinic at 12:30pm.

Our IVF Coordinator, Lucie, is super helpful and arranged for us to meet our doctor at the free hospital for Czech citizens where he was performing surgical rounds. As soon as our plane landed, Christian and I took a taxi to the Czech hospital, Thomayerova Nemocnice. Our doctor met us in the lobby and in no time, the appointment was complete and I was ordered to do my final three injections (Decapeptyl) and the egg retrieval surgery would be scheduled on Monday morning.

I am so impressed by the doctor’s flexibility and making time to see me outside of the clinic even though it was our fault we missed the appointment and I’m not a Czech citizen and technically should not be allowed to use hospital services. I can not imagine a situation in the USA where the doctor would ever be willing to do thing. My medical team is so concerned about my wellbeing and throughout this process, I have felt like I am in great hands. I am also happy that my husband and I have the entire weekend to explore Prague before my surgery on Monday.

In America we have deer but in the Czech Republic, there are wild goats hanging out in front of the hospital.

Literally running out of places to inject. My stomach is covered in bruised from 11 days of stims injections.


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